26 June 2009

Please Don't Mr. and Mrs Willis

Yesterday, while catching up on my salacious fashion/celeb gossip magazines at the hairdresser, I stumbled upon an issue of "W" magazine that had been turned over. When I couldn't help myself (I am always looking at the front of magazines that some conservative mother turned around in the grocery store), I saw a spread of Bruce and Emma Willis that looked creepy to say the very best.

Juan, my awesome stylist, confessed to having been the one to cover its shame. I was completely fascinated by this point. And oh boy, do I regret it. I suggest never, ever looking at these raunchy and disturbing S&M pictures filmed by the all-American couple. But leave it to "W" Magazine to transform this:

into this:

And I am seriously telling you, even with Bruce's strangely orange skin this is the LEAST disturbing image.

I am so affected, I might even go turn these copies around in my local grocer.

Thankfully, W also gave us these to comfort us in our time of need:

Mme. Bookling


Brian Wigand said...


Iscah Mara said...

i realize that you didn't put the entire spread up, but i think those pics are fierce. i'm totally intrigued. violent. inspired. apocalyptic. love em.


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