17 June 2009

Things that make me smile Wednesday

Bon Matin, friend. You are off gallivanting in Oregon, painting under trees and living your calling as a dryad. I am here with your kitty boys and we are smiling at these things:

This print made me smile, but mainly because of the quote on the bottom! "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." Oscar Wilde

A mantra to live by indeed!

Lolita is a new blog I found a few weeks ago,and of course I would love it because of the name. However, I love it more because everyday she inspires me with some sort of amazing photograph. This bubble bath photo makes me smile.

These perfectly vintage Victorian pumps make me smile.

It seems that every week I am posting about something I found at DesiretoInspire and today is no exception. It's really just such wonderful eye-candy, that blog.

This couch makes me smile. It encompasses my style so well...I want it.

Loves on this cloudy, perfect Wednesday.

Mme. Bookling

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