22 September 2009

Emmy Gossip.

Just a few insignificant thoughts from a totally irrelevant bystander:

Poor Jenna, she obviously snagged her dress on the limo or something. Tacky.

Totally loving this number on Carrie Preston. Perfect contrast...and it's totally hard to pull of orange and black without looking like a pumpkin during Halloween.

This is so bad, I have no words.

Kathy Griffen - you are one hyper lady. Hilarious.

I love Ginnifer Goodwin and her perfect pixie hair. Well done.

January Jones, seriously lovely.

And last, Blake Lively did it right, but only from the back.

Lordy me, one false move and you could possibly catch a peek of her "see you next tuesday."

And that's it from me, your thoughts?

All photos courtesy of SF Gate.


jordan said...

LOVE ginnifer goodwin. big love was a bit of an obsession of mine for awhile...she looks great with short hair!

stephy said...

Oh yes. I loved the back on Blake's dress so much. But overall Leighton was cuter. I didn't mind Jenna's dress but liked it better on Heidi Klum (it was basically the same dress they were both wearing). Love Kathy Griffin, LOVE HER! I can't remember who else was on the red carpet but while we were watching it and I was commenting David said "Dang Stephanie, you're so harsh on these people." haha!

mme. bookling said...

I know, people always say that to me and my friends, "Jeeze, you guys are brutal." It's so fun because it's an outlet of bitchy and doesn't matter because they aren't real people with whom you have relationships anyway.

Brian Wigand said...

"See you next Tuesday"
Does that mean what I think it means? That's dirty. You're dirty.


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