12 February 2010

Fashion Friday: RIP Alexander McQueen

We must give a nod to the life of Alexander McQueen, fashion god.  
Yesterday he took his own life, and there will be such a lack of his gorgeousness emanating from London.
(read story here)

Such as this:

or these

View his entire fashion history here, most of my gasps came from the Fall 2006 line
All images courtesy of Style.com

RIP, creative soul.


UmberDove said...

This is so heartbreaking - nothing is sadder than such an untimely end to such brilliance.

Moment of silence.


Iscah Mara said...

Apparently he ended his torment on the eve of his mother's funeral. There had been some foreshadowing of his intentions weeks before via twitter - yet another reason to despise an apathetic public rendering of our life woes.

Well chosen tribute.


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