02 February 2010

I gasp!

As I was perusing my (very full) google reader Monday morning, I scrolled through these pictures at Design Sponge, each with a gasp!

Those bird houses!!!

That entire ROOOOOM! (but esp the couch)

This bistro nook thingy!
(and the books?! PAH-LEAZE!)

Well, I am just smitten with this work by designer Emily Henson!  She seems to embody just the right balance of clean and chaos, white and color...for both my hubby and I.  I must hire her post haste!


Michele said...

I absolutely LOVE the chalkboard wall! I've done the bits of chalkboard paint (and I advise avoiding the spray paint for small areas) but an entire wall would be AMAZING!

Changing with Time said...

In love with the bird houses room.


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