11 March 2010

I'm always looking for perfection

the perfect white button up

the perfect couch

the perfect necklace

the perfect pixie

the perfect boot

or two

the perfect album for the moment

the perfect airfare
(also for here, here, here, and now here)

the perfect bag

the perfect onesie

the perfect mood

the perfect cheeseburger

the perfect vintage dress

the perfect comfort

the perfect light

the perfect words


Mo said...

I'm looking for the perfect ring that I lost! A giant Labradorite stone in a silver setting! Kind of like the beautiful big ring in your banner. What stone is that?

Windy Days by Michaela Dawn said...

I could go for all these perfects,

but alas, just looking at them fills me up,

wonder what true possession of them could do for a week or two for my comfort;P

"Want to be happy for a day go shopping
Want to be happy for a week take a vacation
Want to be happy for a month go buy a car
want to be happy for a year get married"

Love's em!


thewindhover said...

so frigging delicious...


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