20 April 2010

A hint of irreverence...

Just picked up these beauties on a whim this weekend.  My sister and I are headed to the opera tonight, and while I simply cannot get away from my love for the drama in a sexy all-black ensemble, I knew these would be pop of color I would need.  Oh, it's going to feel so good to be in heels again...it's been such a long time.

What's the last thing you purchased on a whim?


Jen said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! Nice pick!

Iscah Mara said...

My sister and I attended the 5th Ave. for On The Town this past weekend and I sneaked into Red Light for a great bargain on some black, kitten-wedge (is that a term?), gladiator sandals.

It was divine and obscenely overdue.

Melissa said...

I just purchased a bathing suit last night. Was it out of my budget? Yes. Did I need it? Define NEED. Is it fabulous? Most definitely!

The Shoes (yes I capitalized the S because those Shoes deserve it) are hAWt. I need to get my ass to the opera if those are the kind of shoes I can buy for it :)

Lizzy Derksen said...

My wedding dress was purchased on a whim. I get to wear it in 23 days.

UmberDove said...

When we attend Le Faux, I will be "borrowing" those. So don't go planing any outfits for that night around those Shoes (as M said, and I totally agree).

My last whim purchase? Went vintaging with my sister over the weekend and found a perfectly broken-in pair of rocking Frye boots in a reddish chestnut. I put them on in the shop and it was all over. Card handed over. So worth it.


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