12 May 2010

Le Creuset in cassis

Le Creuset just released their newest color of the much-coveted, iconic pot and pans. 
 Isn't this cassis just to die for?  

What color Le Creuset are you?


Sunny Rising Leather said...

I do believe myself to be a dijon girl :)
My mama got me two gratin pans for Christmas in that lovely brick red.

Melissa said...

Kiwi first, but I love Caribbean as well.

UmberDove said...

I am the iconic 70's burnt orange, but that caribbean has made a play for my heart as well!

My parents inherited my grandmother's burnt orange set (SET!) and it is one of three items in their house that BOTH my sisters and I have sworn to fight over. I'm calling out the eldest trump card.

Sierra said...

Kiwi is calling me! Im saving my pennies for the 7 qt to make brisket for hanukkah dinner this year~!


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