15 July 2010

A Diary Collection

I follow NPR on facebook, which is a very resourceful way to get one's news, I might add.  The other day they featured a story where they collect old diary entries.  It's part of their Hidden World of Girls project, and I think it's just remarkably beautiful.  The entry is accompanied by a write-up by the author years later.  In fact, I think they are taking entries still...maybe I should go through some old journals.


The Noisy Plume: said...

I LOVE that entry in Moon-Beam. Simply darling.

resolute twig said...

I LOVE this!

NPR is awesome...
I have recently been going through some old journals, and its pretty great. I love to see how I was pretty much the same person at a very young age :)

Alison Walker said...

I'm Alison I keep a diary, I write in it. And I've decorated it.


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