23 November 2010

editing a room

You could say that I've had a strong sense of personal style since I was a child.  This was highly influenced by my two older sisters...but despite growing up with zero clothing budget, I managed to carve out a signature style.  I have no problem putting together an outfit and relish any chance to express myself in that regard.

That being said, it wasn't until probably 3 years ago that I started trying to really discover my personal aesthetic as it related to interior design and decor.  My husband is a devoted minimalist mixed with vintage, and our home reflected that alone, which I was fine with until I wanted something a bit more  "me."  Which, by the way, is simply NOT minimal (well, I am minimal but I've defined it as not NOTHING, but a small amount of things I love).   I started following design blogs and asking friends (two of which used to be in interior design) about feng shui, decor, and various stylistc choices in order to find out what I loved.  

My voice began to ring clear, so I started acquiring peices that were very me.  I like to call it Victorian/Modern.  Joel was a very good sport about it all, but now we are realizing that my editing eye is really rather underdevelped.  I now have WAY too much of what I love and no talent at arranging it.  SOOO, I am back to the drawing board of design.  I'm trying to collect images of edited rooms that I still really love.  The key is to express myself (and my husband) as best we can while still leaving enough space for the eyes to rest and for the energy to flow.


That was a really long way to say that
I love this room.

The bookshelves are awesome, and I love the way the living room contains darker (heavy even) pieces, but because of the editing and arrangement, really cozify all the white walls.

Have you figured out how to edit your things?

( image originally viewed here )


UmberDove said...

Well clearly it comes down to needing that Eames chair ("really pulled the room together").

Melissa said...

I'm quite the opposite. I've always had a strong sense of home/room design as opposed to personal style. My main problem is I usually refuse to half ass it, which means I won't put up/set out the couple pieces I just purchased. They stay in limbo until I can have the whole room in a finished state almost all together and I can fully complete the vision. I'm working on this since time/budget almost always NEVER allows this.

My tastes are rather eclectic. At the moment I'm rather in love with industrial design with a warmer touch. Raw materials such as concrete, steal, stone, wood make my heart go pitter patter.


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