12 November 2010

let's begin the wishlist-ing. shall we?

Every internet turn I take lately, I seem to end up "favoriting" "adding to wishlist" or "pinning" items.  Lots to want.  Lots to love.

Today's Want Bad:

I'm going to rate this as a "want wicked bad," or a 4 on the "want bad" list. The scale is as follows:

  1. Want bad
  2. Want kinda bad
  3. Want really bad
  4. Want wicked bad
  5. Want maximum bad
I know just exactly where I would put this print!  That this space does not yet exist is neither important nor logical.  


* There will no doubt be a slew of posts here on Pretty, Please about these desires.  Feel free to click "purchase" and then send them to me.  Happy Wanting Bad!

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