07 June 2011

In Rainbows

I'm doing a little wedding photography research and came across this magnificent array of colors.  I can't help but think that if UmberDove ever re-did her wedding, she would have rainbow bridesmaids.  As one of those self-appointed bride-maidens, I'll take the orange, thank you very much.  And you can bet your momma's life I'd be rockin' that rainbow eyeshadow.

And that got me to thinking what I might do differently if I had a chance to redesign my wedding now, almost 9 years later.  The venue, the reception, the color scheme, the flowers, and the photography - just for starters.  

And you?  What would you change, chickadees?


Anonymous said...

this is lovely, i love all the colours lined up like that, the dresses:-o
Follow and comment I'll follow back?

UmberDove said...

You DO know that our wedding colors were every shade that fell between vibrant-orange-to-pale-pink-to-cherry-red, right?

It's funny, BC and I were just talking about this last weekend: I think we did our wedding exactly right for who we were back then, but if it was happening here and now, OUPH! I'd have a ton of new ideas.

resolute twig said...

Those dresses and that eye shadow are fantastic.

M.M.E. said...

I wouldn't do the eye shadow but I'm loving the colors! So much fun!!

Ruthie said...

I love the colors, weddings should repeat every year (with the same guy of course)...
I like this wedding blog too

btw, your blog is great! :-)


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