26 June 2008

today's pilfering from daily candy

So far, daily candy has been a pretty great resource, and I am loving the email updates. Today I am grabbing two things that I think are strange and bizarre - just the thing we need for our blog.

Designer Bowling Pins. That's right.

Apparently some artists designed these as a fund raiser. It's nuts! PONCHO looks like a great company though - raising money for the arts.

Also, I will be out of town Friday/Saturday with Jean and Jono - they are taking us camping overnight to learn the ropes of the RV...and this girl needs some nature. But Daily Candy sends out a weekend to do list on Thursdays, and there is an artwalk in Georgetown that I would be insisting on our attending-

oh, and - are these the balenciaga gladiators of which you spoke yesterday? i know what you mean! they are horrific and feirce all at once. loving that they are using jennifer connoly.

1 comment:

UmberDove said...

ooh yes, those are the ones! I really want to wear them though, I think the fierceness would trump any question of ugliness once they were on my feet.

And yes, lets go public! Art and fashion plus a little home decor - its my wet-dream-blog!


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