06 March 2010

Fashion Friday: Fall 2010 CONT...

Happy Saturday to you.  I'm sitting here with my demitasse full of sumatra, enjoying the silence and light of the morning.  Here is my continuation of yesterday's post.

I've always loved the femine flow and perfect fit of Von Furstenburg. 

Dolce and Gabbana
Always fierce, always classy.
The throwback to the 20s and 30s war-time fashion always gets me.

Etro is a newer (to me) designer, and I've gasped so many times at their pieces.  Spectacularly sexy and chic, always playing with color, texture, and pattern, but respecting the line of a woman.
This fall line is my second favorite for today's post.

Fendi is my favorite designer today. 
 I adore yellows and blues with high collar and powerful coats, 
but I also love the black and white classics.  So freaking beautiful.

I was a bit disappointed in Gucci's fall line.  I do love, however, the unfussy feel to their aesthetic.
It looks so comfortable to wear and yet still so elegant.

Helmet Lang
Love the muted tones of Lang.  I would wear absolutely every single piece I saw.

See you tomorrow for the conclusion of the fall fashion roundup.

all images courtesy of style.com
find the entire fall 2010 list of runway here

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